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Website Frameworks

OCDTrekkie System/XRF (2010) - Based on the roots of the betleH Tournament System, the OCDTrekkie System is a new modular framework I've devised in PHP, my first intended to be released for use on other websites in the future. It is still under development, but it currently is the backend for several sites on my server, including this one.

betleH Tournament System (2009) - The Annual betleH Tournament's registration system is a hand-coded system which manages players and their multiple characters through a centralized database, tieing in awards, events, simms, and combat statistics. It was coded with a combination of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

Major Projects

Top Men (2013) - This website is built off of the phpBB authentication framework and the EVE Online API. It uses both EVE's legacy API and their new CREST framework to provide unparalleled integration for DUST 514 players.

Ness Exotic Wellness Center (2010) - This website was written with PHP, CSS, and some Java. It is a conversion of a site written in ASP.NET to PHP, and is a work-in-progress. It is for a exotic animal veterinary practice in Lisle, IL.

Minor Projects

Openyonated (2011) - A WordPress blog assembled for the same owner of U Can Turn It Around.

Mrs. Ness' Library (2011) - Another quick site with common code with her professional portfolio from last year. It's being custom-tailored for use by school students.

U Can Turn It Around (2011) - A WordPress site built for a youth intervention group in Chicago. WordPress was chosen so it would be easy for the client to edit and add to.

Rose's Retreat Cabins & Campsites (2011) - A conversion from static HTML to a PHP-based site. Since the owner is proficient with web editing, I've only had to lay the groundwork for the conversion, the style and design is entirely hers.

Melanie Ness Professional Portfolio (2010) - This was more or less a rush job, but it worked alright. It's simply a personal portfolio of work-type website, like this one actually, but completely static.

100% Graphical LCARS (2008) - I wanted to make a website that accurately looked like LCARS from Star Trek. However, it turned out the simplest way to do this way to make every single piece of content on the site inside an image. It made editing a pain, but here it is. It is written entirely in frame-based HTML. It's an old project, but I liked the way it turned out.