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Secure Authenticator (2015) - Two-factor authentication is currently the best way to protect your accounts online. However, Google Authenticator moved to closed source about two years ago. Looking to ensure I had control over my 2FA keys, I created a fork of the last open version of Google Authenticator.

Meteor Blocks for Sandstorm (2014) - Some early experimentation with app porting for Sandstorm.io led to porting Sashko Stubailo's Meteor Blocks web app to Sandstorm.

Portal Soundboards (2012) - Soundboards for Android of Portal and Portal 2 voiceover clips. These run on the soundboard engine developed by Stealthcopter. I took over these soundboards because he did not want to deal with any potential legal complications. My version does not make any revenue whatsoever. The great thing about these soundboards is how well they adapt to both phones and tablets running anything from Android 1.5 through Android 4.0.

Dodge the Snowballs (2009) - A Flash game I created in GSP280 at DeVry. It's based on an avoider game tutorial which is based on another avoider game tutorial. I went with a winter theme and a fairly nifty art style, and it turned out pretty well. I've embedded this game into the site for demonstration.

"ThunderSoft" Visual Basic Applications (2006) - I created several applications in Visual Basic 6 during high school, ranging from practical applications to simulation games.