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Repairs & Installations

I also do some computer repair and hardware work on the side. I continually heard about people calling the Geek Squad or other expensive repair services for very simple things, and I hated seeing people get taken advantage of. So instead, I began offering my own services, at a very reduced, flat rate.

I fix a wide variety of computer issues, both hardware and software. I frequently tune-up older computers to get them running smoother. My specialty, however, is locating and removing even the most malicious viruses and spyware without reformatting the computer's hard drive.

Electronics Recycling

I offer to haul away computers and other consumer electronics from my local customers for free. Many of the components of old electronics hardware can be harmful to the environment. I reuse many of the more common components that are taken out of these, and any other operational parts may be donated to a charitable organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Finally, any electronics that are not likely to see use again are delivered to an electronics recycling center for safe and eco-friendly disposal.