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OCDTrekkie System/XRF

Based on the roots of the betleH Tournament System, the OCDTrekkie System is a new modular framework I've devised in PHP, my first intended to be released for use on other websites in the future. It is still under development, but it currently is the backend for several sites on my server, including this one.

One account, many websites

The OCDTS core is designed to allow you to utilize a central user management and site administration tool across your entire server, making a unified experience for both your customers and your administrators.

Simple, versatile design

The OCDTS core is designed to be easy to modify and adapt to any situation, it is written with site designers in mind. If the code doesn't work the way you need it to, it is easy to adjust!

Modular, customizeable functionality

All the capabilities of the OCDTS are done through modules that can be easily added and removed, to give you exactly what you need, and nothing you don't. Modules can easily be written to integrate fully into the OCDTS core, as well as other modules.

The OCDTS now has a maintained changelog, available here.