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Blue Planet
(Full HD)

Game Models

These models were intended to be used in games, so they are not particularly high-quality. They are meant to be simple, and effective.

Call to War Project - 2010

Large Tank

Medium Tank

Small Tank

Whiteout Project - 2004

Apo. Battleship

Apo. Class 7 Fighter

Apo. Class 7 Scout

Tel. Heavy Cruiser

Tel. Light Cruiser

Ubi. Time Probe

WDF Alpha Proto

WDF Alpha Proto w/ Pod

WDF Class-A Scout

WDF Class-F Fighter

WDF Class-G Adv. Fighter

WDF Class-L Interceptor

WDF Class-T Timeship

Opening Temporal Rift


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These images are copyrighted, and may not be used, edited, or modified in any way.