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betleH Tournament System


Intuitive Registration

The betleH System's registration form is short and to the point, but with JavaScript tooltips to answer common questions and prevent possible problems.

Adaptable Data Display

The betleH System's pages display content based on a simple user level system. For example, real name will only display for the primary administrator. Linked characters will only display for a judge. This allows administration staff to easily access information hidden to the general public without additional user panels.

Detailed Character Data

Character data is stored entirely in methods that will not go severely out-of-date over time. Age is calculated from birthdate so it can update automatically, accurate to the day based on system time, which is RL + 376 years.

Character Combat System

The betleH System includes the bCS, or betleH Combat System. Based on the principles of traditional tabletop roleplaying games, it generates basic stats for characters, and through the Sparring Room, allows players to challenge each other to duels!

Emergency Preparedness

The betleH System and interconnected sites can all be disabled by an administrator with appropriate permissions via the Big Red Button. It's purpose is to prevent any additional damage from occuring to the database in the event of an unforseen issue with the site. Once disabled, the site can only be renabled through cPanel. This helps ensure the preservation and security of system data.

Common Code Design

The power of the betleH System and yej quv integration is that the code is cross-compatible. Most code written for one system can be directly applied to the other.